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Generally  speaking, between 8 & 10 children can play safely at one time. The jumpers  come in several sizes and the amount of children that can play at one time  varies a lot depending upon the age groups and sizes of the children using it. 

Pricing is based on a number of factors. CALL TODAY or e-mail us with your party date, the hours of your party and what city we will be delivering to. Please also tell  us what unit you are interested in. We can then provide you with accurate  pricing.

Even  though most jumpers have roofs they are NOT watertight. If it’s raining, even  lightly, the jumper becomes extremely wet & slippery. We do NOT deliver in the rain due to safety issues. The rain also mildews the units and ruins them.  We will call you that morning to discuss rain concerns. All payments are nonrefundable, but can be applied to another rental for a later date. There is no additional charge to  you for a cancelled reservation due to the weather. However, if the weather was  clear when the unit was delivered and set up and then it rains during the course  of the rental, please be advised THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!

Usually  NOT. Unless it is a gymnasium or a hall with AT LEAST a 20 foot ceiling, our  units cannot be set up indoors.

Best thing to do is a instant price quote online. It will be under reservations. You may also call  us at (210) 543-7227 or (210) 347-1680 and we can schedule your reservation right over the telephone. We are open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am until  4:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday are by appointment only. If you  get voice mail please leave your name and number and be assured that we WILL  return your telephone call promptly. If you have additional questions you may  also email us at  and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Yes.  Any inflatable rental  requires a $50.00 Deposit that is applied towards your balance.

We suggest 1-6 weeks before your scheduled party date for our popular inflatable rentals. We are always happy to try to accommodate last minute bookings.  However, the earlier you make a reservation, the better selection choices you  have.

Smaller  units are for ages 2-12 years. Some of the larger combo units and interactive  equipment are available for adult use and may not be appropriate for children  under the age of 5 years old.  

Please  call (210) 543-7227 or (210) 707-2959 to see if you are located within our  delivery area.

Yes,  be sure to get approval from the City of San Antonio and depending on which park  you are located you may need a certified attendant. (Pricing Varies) 

Most  units need a 15½x15½ clearance at minimum. Since units vary in size, some units  require a larger clearance space. If you can visualize 2 parked cars in your  set-up location, chances are you have enough room for MOST (not all) jumpers.  Most 2 car driveways can accommodate up to a 16½x 16½ clearance. Don’t forget  your vertical (height) clearance! You’ll need an area free of trees, low wires,  etc. of about 18-20 feet high.

A standard walk through gate of about 36″ is fine. We bring the unit rolled up and wheel it in on a standard hand truck (dolly). Large units or giant inflatables may require 48″.

Yes,  if you have a 2-car width driveway, most likely a jumper will fit. A very slight  slope is not a problem, however the flatter the surface the better. Since we  can’t pound stakes into your driveway, we will be a little creative in terms of  securing the unit. It is a good idea to have some rope on hand for securing the  unit.

We can set up on lawn, dry grass, concrete or asphalt. Under no circumstances can we set up on dirt or muddy surfaces or on large rocks.

Yes. We will bring a 100 foot extension cord. The blower runs continuously and uses about the same amount of electricity as a lamp or computer in your home. 

Normally,  we deliver between 8am and 12 noon. We start picking up in the order of drop-off beginning at 6:00 pm. Please inform us if your party is before noon, we need to make this delivery a priority on the delivery schedule. If your party is later and you desire a later pick up time, please let us know at the time of delivery. 

Rental times are usually between 8 am and 8pm. Additional fees apply for overnight rentals.

Set up usually takes approximately 15-30 minutes if you are organized and ready!  Please have your cash ready to pay the driver and the set-up area free and clear of all debris and make sure that automobiles are moved out of the driveway for easy setup. This will assure a timely delivery for all customers! 

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is the state’s administrator for the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act, Occupations Code Chapter 2151. To legally operate in Texas, an amusement ride owner/operator must file with TDI an insurance policy with certain minimum limits for bodily injury for persons using the ride and an annual amusement ride safety inspection certificate. The inspection is performed by an approved inspector of the insurance company. Rides meeting the requirements will be issued a TDI Amusement Ride Compliance Sticker (similar to an automobile safety inspection sticker), which will indicate the expiration date of the inspection certificate. The sticker should be affixed to a major component of each ride in a location visible to the ride participants.
The amusement ride owner/operator is required to provide a photocopy of the inspection certificate and the required insurance policy to any sponsor, lessorlandowner or other person responsible for amusement rides publicly used.
Texas Department of Insurance amusement ride regulations.
Additionally insured
If you need to add an “additionally insured” to the certificate we can do it for a fee of $50.00.  Please allow 10 days for the additionally insured certificate.  We will need the exact information to be added to the certificate.

Yes.  The jumper must be set up in a backyard or area that is fenced and locked up.  There will be an additional charge for this service. Air Castles Party Rentals reserves the right to deny any event of this service. Air Castles LLC also reserves the right to cancel at any time if we have reason to believe that our property is at risk of injury, theft or due to weather changes (rain, wind, etc).

Air  Castles LLC has made kids (and parents!) happy since 2001. We are a  reputable company that takes pride in customer satisfaction and we are dedicated to being the industry leader in party rentals! Unlike other Ma and Pa companies  working out of their garages on a part-time basis, this is our ONLY full time  business and source of income to support our own families. 

Our reputation depends on YOUR satisfaction. We are committed to making your party a  success! We have a state of the art reservation system so there is no way for us  to “lose” your order! We guarantee on time delivery of a CLEAN unit and friendly
customer service. We look forward to servicing your party needs now & in the  future. Air Castles wants to be your ONLY party rental company and is committed to excellence!

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